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Perhaps you have a loved one who has diabetic condition (blood sugar in the body is either too high or too high) and you are trying to get them help tom stabilize it. Then you see posts on your see posts on your estate written buy diabetic test strips and pay via cash, and the number to call is listed below. You know your loved one needs the test trips so you call the number given. They pick the phone and offer to sell to you at a lower price than when you get them from the pharmacy, so you go and pick as you pay the seller. On average a diabetic patient spends $13,700 on medical expenses and about $7,900 is directly attributed to diabetes, so any chance you get to save on cash the better. Read more great facts on who buys test strips, click here.


It becomes even more expensive if you do not have any medical insurance and you develop other complications and you have to be hospitalized. The diabetic patients need the test strips to keep checking their blood sugar in order to know how to treat it. One of the ways to save money on strips is reaching out to Outreach organizations where low income earners and uninsured people can seek financial help for general medical costs. These organizations include; benefits CheckUps, RX Outreach and CR3 Diabetes Association. It is also advisable to ask your health care provider or pharmacist about the organizations in your area. For more useful reference regarding cash for test strips, have a peek here. 


You could also seek assistance programs especially if you are in financial need since you have very low income, thus limited or no insurance at all. This will help the diabetic patient get treatment on regular basis.  Also you can change on the brand of strip you use, for instance if you are using a brand name strip you can switch to a retailer store brand strip that costs less such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid or Target. Their prices are most of the time half the normal price. Same applies to test strips that are sold by an individual, even from their own homes. You only need to be on the look out for expiry dates.


There is no difference whether it is store branded or brand name, the two strips function the same. Pharmacies value their customers and these days they are giving their customers Loyalty Cards. With the card you accrue points that are renewable every year, think of that time when you really need the test strips but you don't have the cash, those points could be an option. Please view this site for further details.